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  1. Mimosa I.L.J. Baud died in 1935 and she’s buried in Rome, Italy. She was a managing director of “NV Maatschappij tot de Ondernemingen Exploitatie Nagelaten door. W.A. Baron Baud ”. Google it :-)


    • Hi Etienne, Thank you for your information that sounds so surprising. Unfortunately I had difficulty to google it. She died in 1935 ( before the World War II) and buried in Jatinangor, West Java. That what I have read from history references. Now both of his father’s and her gravestones were stolen unknown. Would that be a possibility that her gravestone was made in Rome, Italy ? (I have no idea). I would be very grateful if you would give me link to the site you’ve referred to. I highly appreciate your information that might be a great evidence to history records.


      • For the grave record : http://www.acdan.it/protcem/work/pcJA.html#Stone728
        I’ve got the picture so there’s no doubt about it.

        I also have a picture dating from the 1970’s of W.A. baron Baud’s (1817-1879) grave with my father standing beside it, and it doesn’t look like the grave that many students have took in picture and posted on their blogs like this one : http://chaluchu.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/menara-loji-jatinangor/
        or this one : http://mw4ldi.multiply.com/journal/item/8/Jatinangor-Bekas-Perkebunan-Karet-Tuan-Baud-Jembatan-Kereta-Api-Cikuda

        For the company and Mimosa’s job as managing director (page 40) :——-2nl—-10–1———-IN-0&sd=BDHEHF1914&l=en


      • I highly appreciate your concern about the Bauds.
        I have prepared this post long ago before I made my blog. Some day in 1974 I visited Djatinangor and I saw the graves didn’t look like the photo in the student’s blog. I was told that those were Baud and his daughter, Mimosa and until now all the story about Djatinangor mentioned just like that in the internet. I did mention that Mimosa continued running the company left by W A Baron Baud and I don’t write it completely due to the lack of information resources.

        Certainly, I will make changes or correction if I found most credible evidence in both written and pictures.

        Once again, I am grateful that you have motivated me to continue searching the truth. There are so many heritages left by Dutch East Indies but lack of its historical information.


      • You’re welcome. It just happened that I was tidying up my granduncle’s pictures and documents, so I tried to dig for hints of his life on the internet and then on his mother’s life, Mimosa I.L.J. Baud. I found many things in the process, including a short documentary shot in 1927 on the plantation, I’ll try to get a copy !

        I hope I’ll a have a chance to go to Jatinangor once in my life, to grasp the atmosphere so to speak of this location.


      • Do you know if there was some kind of official track of birth and death of Indonesian people in the 19th century ? I would be happy to find out if I have distant cousins still living today, maybe you and I are cousins who knows :-)
        Please write me at this adress : etienne ‘dot’ duport ‘at’ yahoo ‘dot’ fr


  2. Now I remember, I read in a family tree that W.A. baron Baud bought this plantation you mention in your article : “Willem kaufte zum Beispiel am 18. April 1861 in Batavia für 525600 Gulden die Teeplantage Tjikadjang”. That’s a LOT of money !


    • Well, that is a great family record ! There were so many Dutch entrepreneurs run agribusiness all over Java during the Cultuurstelsel era (1830-1940). Acquisitions were commonly happened among them. W A B Baud was one of the most successful businessman in The Dutch East Indies (DEI).

      I will send you a message concerning the track of birth and death of Indonesian during the 19th century in separate to your email address.


  3. Hallo,
    As a young boy I stayed for holiday a few weeks at the Thee-onderneming Djatinagor (1955) so long time ago.
    I remember the name from the family Van Soest and van Niftrik.
    In 2005 I visited the place where the tea factory was and took a picture from the Loji-tower.
    I ‘m looking for pictures from that time (1955-1956). The houses and the factory.

    Thanks in advance.
    anak Bandung !


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