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  1. Mimosa I.L.J. Baud died in 1935 and she’s buried in Rome, Italy. She was a managing director of “NV Maatschappij tot de Ondernemingen Exploitatie Nagelaten door. W.A. Baron Baud ”. Google it 🙂


    • Hi Etienne, Thank you for your information that sounds so surprising. Unfortunately I had difficulty to google it. She died in 1935 ( before the World War II) and buried in Jatinangor, West Java. That what I have read from history references. Now both of his father’s and her gravestones were stolen unknown. Would that be a possibility that her gravestone was made in Rome, Italy ? (I have no idea). I would be very grateful if you would give me link to the site you’ve referred to. I highly appreciate your information that might be a great evidence to history records.


      • For the grave record : http://www.acdan.it/protcem/work/pcJA.html#Stone728
        I’ve got the picture so there’s no doubt about it.

        I also have a picture dating from the 1970’s of W.A. baron Baud’s (1817-1879) grave with my father standing beside it, and it doesn’t look like the grave that many students have took in picture and posted on their blogs like this one : http://chaluchu.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/menara-loji-jatinangor/
        or this one : http://mw4ldi.multiply.com/journal/item/8/Jatinangor-Bekas-Perkebunan-Karet-Tuan-Baud-Jembatan-Kereta-Api-Cikuda

        For the company and Mimosa’s job as managing director (page 40) :——-2nl—-10–1———-IN-0&sd=BDHEHF1914&l=en


      • I highly appreciate your concern about the Bauds.
        I have prepared this post long ago before I made my blog. Some day in 1974 I visited Djatinangor and I saw the graves didn’t look like the photo in the student’s blog. I was told that those were Baud and his daughter, Mimosa and until now all the story about Djatinangor mentioned just like that in the internet. I did mention that Mimosa continued running the company left by W A Baron Baud and I don’t write it completely due to the lack of information resources.

        Certainly, I will make changes or correction if I found most credible evidence in both written and pictures.

        Once again, I am grateful that you have motivated me to continue searching the truth. There are so many heritages left by Dutch East Indies but lack of its historical information.


      • You’re welcome. It just happened that I was tidying up my granduncle’s pictures and documents, so I tried to dig for hints of his life on the internet and then on his mother’s life, Mimosa I.L.J. Baud. I found many things in the process, including a short documentary shot in 1927 on the plantation, I’ll try to get a copy !

        I hope I’ll a have a chance to go to Jatinangor once in my life, to grasp the atmosphere so to speak of this location.


      • Do you know if there was some kind of official track of birth and death of Indonesian people in the 19th century ? I would be happy to find out if I have distant cousins still living today, maybe you and I are cousins who knows 🙂
        Please write me at this adress : etienne ‘dot’ duport ‘at’ yahoo ‘dot’ fr


  2. Now I remember, I read in a family tree that W.A. baron Baud bought this plantation you mention in your article : “Willem kaufte zum Beispiel am 18. April 1861 in Batavia für 525600 Gulden die Teeplantage Tjikadjang”. That’s a LOT of money !


    • Well, that is a great family record ! There were so many Dutch entrepreneurs run agribusiness all over Java during the Cultuurstelsel era (1830-1940). Acquisitions were commonly happened among them. W A B Baud was one of the most successful businessman in The Dutch East Indies (DEI).

      I will send you a message concerning the track of birth and death of Indonesian during the 19th century in separate to your email address.


  3. Hallo,
    As a young boy I stayed for holiday a few weeks at the Thee-onderneming Djatinagor (1955) so long time ago.
    I remember the name from the family Van Soest and van Niftrik.
    In 2005 I visited the place where the tea factory was and took a picture from the Loji-tower.
    I ‘m looking for pictures from that time (1955-1956). The houses and the factory.

    Thanks in advance.
    anak Bandung !


  4. Akhirnya ada juga anak keturunan Baron Van Baud dan Mimosa Van baud yang bisa di kontak, tentunya cerita Jatinangor akan lebih lengkap dan menarik. Makamnya Baron Van Baud sayangnya tdk terawat, dulu sewaktu masih kuliah di Unpad tiap hari saya duduk di sana karena di sebelahnya adalah lapangan sepak bola…Beberapa tahun belakang ini pernah chat dengan keluarga Mimosa Von Alvensliben…yg bernama Joachim orang tuanya Etienne.

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    • Kang, Etienne tidak mengakui BB dan Mimosa dimakamkan di Jatinangor. Saya yakin makam itu dipindah-pindah, dari Cigudeg ke Jatinangor trus ke Itali. apakah pernah tanya bagaimana menurut Joachim (kok namanya rada aneh ya?) 🙂


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