8 comments on “LEUWILIANG the Pacific theatre of the World War II on Java

  1. My blog, pacificparatrooper.wordpress.com is also about WWII, my father’s service with the 11th Airborne. I don’t know if that is the type of info you are looking for – but it’s out there if you care to stop in.


  2. Thank you gpcox. Sure I have visited and read some of your posts on your blog. I thought your father didn’t come to Java during the war. in case he did, I would appreciate if you cud let me see your posting about it. Your blog contains very interesting story.


  3. Pleisbilongtumi, I am currently researching my grandfathers time with the Australian 2/3rd Machine Gun Battalion. I am planning on visiting Java sometime in 2013 and would like to visit the Leuwiliang area. Maybe we could speak via email about your time there? I would really appreciate any insights.


    • Julian, I post this brief writing and photos since it was rarely found in the internet, especially for the photos. I Hope the readers would like to develop it with more credible evidence. I will contact you about this place in separate email. Thank you for visiting.


  4. I am Currently Live in Jasinga, near Leuwiliang. and very Interested on WW2 history. but little I know about things happened in my town during WW2. I heard people discovered relics or even human remains of WW2 soldiers. but they only interested on money so they sold anything made from iron. I have no Idea what happened to the sceletons.


    • Thank you for visiting my blog Kang Aang. I’ve never known about what you have mentioned. According to the history record, there were about 30 Japanese had been killed by the Allied troop (ABDA ?) at Cianten River around the blown up bridge.


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