23 comments on “I never forgive the BICYCLE

  1. My next door neighbor just broke his ribs from a fall while riding a bike! We forget that bikes have the ability to reach high speeds! You learned this lesson at an early age!!


  2. Excellent story! I had a similar experience with my first bike, it took awhile to get the courage to get back up and give it another try. Love the illustrations too, they make the story come to life..:-)


    • Most people have never discourage to bicycle accidents, but for me ?…… umm… I don’t have any idea what to say, Ed. It is a fear factor ! 😦 Thank you for sharing your experience with me.


  3. Reblogged this on bearspawprint and commented:
    Thank for the drawings. And the memory joggle. My little brother (the one who was only one year younger than myself—–Little Brother One) and I learned to ride bicycles the same way you did. We rode on the bike of someone else and twisted our bodies under the bar. There are a lot more memories that your well told story has stirred up. I shall tell you one, as it involves Angels, like yours (though you don’t mention them). .—— Did the saddle come off or is that a foot peddle (which would also leave a rigid right angled piece of metal perpendicular to the bike. something to impale a fragile child. From your illustration it appears that more than your back could have been injured. Perhaps your Angels were watching out for you and saved you from worse injury by tossing you off that bike. What if the seat dislogged as you went over an obstacle or a bump?….. then down you bounce onto the metal pipe looking piece that is suppossed to hold the saddle. Any part of your body landing on that would have been awful.—–My Other Little Brother (some years later, when he was ten or so….. old enough to know better) decided to ride, what looked to him to be, a freshly made obstacle course. In reality it was a newly cut fire line with many small stumps cut at a 45 degree angle. That Little Boy thought he could coast down the slope and manuever between and around the stumps without using his hands. His Angels were watching out for him, as well. The Angels flung Little Brother Two from his bike with only his right arm slamming across a four inch diameter sharply angled punji stick. While Mother took Little Brother Two to the hospital (yes his arm was saved) Little Brother One and I went to check out this Wonder Ride that was so tempting. And learned just how fortunate he was. At the bottom of the (steep… about a 30 degree grade) downhill slope was a vertical cut of 40 to 50 feet to accomodate railroad tracks. As we watched, a freight train loaded with saw-dust from a near-by mill, passed over the spot where Little Brother Two would have died.___Instead he will be fifty eight in just a coyuple of weeks.—— Please have a Happy and Safe New Year!!—–Granny


    • Hi, Granny. I am very much grateful and thanks to God and the Angels have saved our lives from being fatally injured. you and your brothers are the same age as mine. there was no bicycle for children produced or imported in to my country in that era so only adult and older people rode the bike in proper ride and looked so funny when children rode them I had never realized that it was unsafe though.

      Thank you so much that you have shared with me the same unforgettable memory of our childhood. Best wishes to you and yours. Happy New Year 2013. muhammads


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