22 comments on “baby GRASSHOPPER re-born

    • There are many species in my place but mostly small ones. the size of this grasshopper is 8 – 15cm while others are only 1 – 5cm. colors are varies from brown to blended yellow,green,purple and red. Thank you for sharing information about grasshopper.


  1. Your grasshopper is actually very well camouflaged. Looks more like a flower than an insect. They do seem to like posing worldwide. I found one on a yellow flower last summer and it stayed there, with me just a foot away, for at least five minutes while I took picture after picture. Then, I was the one to leave.


  2. My baby grasshopper is still weak after molting and looks so tame. He is still there at the moment ( I saw it this morning). I am very anxious to see the actual size when he’s grown up. Thank you Kathleen for sharing.


  3. Yes, It was so exciting, especially if you observe its growing. it was changed so quickly. I am not sure if I still have an chance to take some photographs when it is grown up and strong enough to hop and fly. 🙂


    • This grasshopper was born at my garden (did you see it when it was still a baby?) looks more colorful. others that found in my country are purely green, rock-brown and pure yellow. I am grateful you like it. Thank you.


      • I’m relatively new to your blog so I went back and found the grasshopper as a baby…yes he looks much different now! I enjoyed looking at all the close ups of the flowers and butterflies…just beautiful…and the post about your granddaughter is priceless…
        enjoy your day…H


  4. It was cute on It`s other form. Now take a look at those yellow spikes on the leaf pattern leg… I`m pretty sure its intended to make the grasshopper look as mean as it could.


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