24 comments on “the way I see the LEAVES

  1. Great detail. You are right; the patterns in nature are far superior to any we can make or imagine. The caladium reminds me of my childhood. I loved them. Caterpillars did too. Do you grow pineapples in your garden?


  2. I`ll use your dead leaves pic as my wallpaper^^ Also, may you kindly make us a post about which camera and settings you use? I mean, looking up on your blog from time to time is impelling me to look for a camera myself, but i donot know from where to start…


    • Surely with my pleasure. this picture is taken with Nikon D90, kit lens 18-105mm, shutter priority, ISO 800, f/10. focal length 70, weather overcast. Well, I am thinking about your idea. meanwhile if any additional info is required, please write to me separately to pleisbilongtumi@gmail.com . Eu vou ser feliz. muito obrigado. 🙂


  3. Astonishingly Beautiful!! I am overwhelmed with your creativity. Your have a wonderful talent for the passion of beauty. Indeed, I am also humbled by all I have seen. You inspire the world with the beauty of art you display. Thank you for sharing that wonder of work. . . .


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