42 comments on “weekly photo challenge UNIQUE

  1. I know what it is like to not be satisfied with a photo, in spite of others’ liking it. Will look forward to your retake, Muhammad. Meantime, the birds must love finding long strands of his hair to build their nests!


    • A hahaha… Kathleen, this is what I quoted from what he said before taking his photos. Can I take your photo?….. ” Oh I don’t think that would be successful” …Why ?….. For some reasons, there will not be me appeared in the photos! ….. Oh so?, but I just want to try once…. OK, then he let me took it. I heard my little granddaughter crying in the car, I thought she was so scared and I lost my concentration. All people saw this action were laughing, some of them yelled, then this man said OK that’s enough!.. then he went away.


    • Yes, I did but unfortunately he said that he didn’t remember. When I asked to photograph him, he just said to me that none could successfully took it. He mean any camera would had not worked. πŸ™‚


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