34 comments on “BAJIGUR a refreshing hot drink

  1. it sounds like the drink is unique to your area. do people drink it with ice? in malaysia there is a iced coconut /brown suger dessert called chendol. and a simpler version that is a ice cold drink. but for some reason no hawker in malaysia sells this drink as a hot drink. if u can make it as a concentrate in powder form, u can invent a new hot drink to rival chocolate , or coffee, or tea. hot coconut drink with pandan/ gula melaka. or in indonesia it will be called gula indonesia, or gula java. haha.


    • Bajigur is only served in hot. You can see in my picture, next to Bajigur seller is Chendol that is served with ice and prepared differently. The composition consists green colored warm-like jelly made from sago, brown sugar syrup with pandan leaves, coconut milk and shaved ice. My thought in the market study of this sort of drink is negative since it is not widely well known. 🙂


  2. This sounds good on a cold morning as a great pick me upper. We enjoy a chocolate drink with pineapple, mangos, peaches and milk with a hand full of Pecan nuts from our mixer to get the day in Florida started? I like your idea for when it gets colder.


    • The drink is bought from the vendor, I bought cocos and brown sugar from a stall near our house and the Pandan leaves was piked up from my garden. 🙂 Thank you so much for your nice words and I am glad you like this post. Best wishes, Kathleen.


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