20 comments on “Java’s GREY MONKEY. What did it say

    • Hahaha.. I don’t know what should I tell about my visit to the National Park. It was too long story to tell. Thanks a lot for the visit as always. Have a great day for you and yours, Gallivanta 🙂


    • Hi Heather, I am so delighted you are here again :-). I was so scared with male monkeys that keep circling me very agile. If it was only one, I maybe OK but not for the number of 5 – 10 male monkeys around me! 🙂 I thank you so much for always visiting my blog. Best wishes


  1. You have a beautiful blog and this was a great story that made me laugh along with admiring your lovely photos. The monkeys are very sweet but I think I would be scared too if many came visiting all at once! 🙂


    • Hello europasicewolf, I am grateful and thank you very much for your reading this post :-). Yes absolutely true they are very sweet. their appearance and face expression look frightening when they come over in group. 🙂


  2. Excellent shots, I wish we had native ape species in the U.S but the climate is probably too cold, but then there are the apes who live in Japan on Mountains..:-)


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