60 comments on “weekly photo challenge: LOST IN DETAIL

  1. That first picture is astonishing! Lucky you for capturing that moment. I’m all depressed now! πŸ™‚ 😦


    • Plain gimana Mas Chris?… jangan motret bunga dibawah sinar matahari langsung deh, pake difuser atau pada saat mendung bagus untuk photo2 closeup.:-) thanks for your wonderful words


      • He he he . . . mungkin akunya yang belum nemu gregetnya anggrek Pak. Menurut aku, kalau aku motret anggrek hasilnya tidak sehidup kalau aku motret bunga lain gitu.


    • Oooo… Geetooo! πŸ™‚ memang siy, bunga anggrek kan bentuknya gitu-gitu aja ya walaupun banyak sekali macamnya. inilah biasanya yang gak bikin greget orang utk memotretnya dari sisi yang pass bagusnya.


  2. What a wonderful orchid to have in a garden. Your garden has so many lovely flowers and butterflies. It must be because the plants and creatures know it is a happy welcoming place to. live


  3. thanks for the high resolution picture. enabling us to enlarge the pic and see the flower real close and still have the picture so clear. it certainly pays to go close and see the central bit.i can almost feel the waxy texture of the petals. we have a flower here, carmelia, whose petals feel like those of an orchid. did u say it has a fragrance? that is v unusual, because all of the orchids i have met with dont have much of a fragrance.


    • Yes I know carmelia. Most of the orchid spesies are scentless, but Cattleya, white dove orchid and some others. This Moon Orchid doesn’t have fragrance except its beauty of vivid and white waxy petals. Mine is larger than any common moon orchids I’ve ever seen of the same kind but smaller quantity in number of buds. Thank you for your lovely comment and I am grateful you like it.:-)


  4. the close up of the orchid’s pistil is stunning…having said that the multiple orchids on the flowering tree are truly beautiful!!! when I click on the photo to enlarge it the flowers look perfect, without a blemish… πŸ™‚ you are so fortunate to have this flower blooming year round…


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  6. Oh, what a beautiful display to have so close to your house. I was just photographing these orchids in a conservatory near here. The details of the coloring are just a little different (petals and sepals are white but inside is slightly different). I will probably post one of the photos soon. I like that you showed both photos – thank you!


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