35 comments on “the TWO TREES a living couple

  1. Amen. Not only is nature beautiful and inspiring, but if we take the time to look, to truly observe, there is so much we can learn from its design and rhythms. Thank you for sharing you thoughts and gifts!


    • Congratulation for your deserve award, Ajaytao2010. I am honored that you have included me on the list of your nomination on the prestigious “Hug Award”. I admire your constant presence. Best wishes


      • Thank you very much sir

        I may not be able to come on your blog but I always remember you

        thanks for accepting


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    • Duh, kan yang baru beberapa tahun juga bole-bole saja dong, mengapa tidak? πŸ™‚ Ini kan lagi nglamun lihat ada cuma dua pohon disituh. Thanx for your comment. Happy holiday ah.


  3. the trunks are parallel but the branches they entangle
    people are not trees..they can seldom stand so still and behave
    so amicably..but yes..we wish we were trees


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