38 comments on “The colors parade of BOUGAINVILLE

  1. gorgeous colours Muhammad…they are all beautiful but I absolutely love the purple, so deep and vivid! I took a few photos of a bougainvillea in Florida…in fact I think it was you who told me the name… 🙂


    • Actually the bougainvilleas have more than 20 different colors of flowers include the blended colors. This plant grows well and has fine vivid colors when cultivated in fully sunlight. Thank you for nice words, Lynn. have a nice day.


  2. I love bougainvillea and have two of them in my windows. Luckily they survive each winter…but of course they never get that lavish and abundance of flowers here. Wonderful colours and photos!


    • I thing this plant also likes the cool temperature with less humidity (below 70%) and not so watery soil. and better at the full sun throughout the day. I am glad to hear that you have them. 🙂


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