24 comments on “we call it BANANA….

  1. How long does it take a banana plant to grow? It looks like there are several bananas forming on the plant in your photograph. Do people grow them in their backyards? I bet they are really tasty!


    • Bananas grow everywhere in our country even on the nobody’s land. The people usually grow them at the back yard or on their farmland. The growth ranges from 3 to six month from the shoots to baring its fruits while other new shoots grow up from it.


    • Kathleen, These photos are taken from my garden few weeks ago. you can see behind the trees, a cluster of Taros and green beans. Those are parts of the plants I grow and enough for our own consumption and the rest are shared with the neighbors. I am glad like bananas that are good for health. 🙂


  2. thanks for the pics. i have never seen banana flowers so the pic is unusual even for me. usually we see only the fruit. what variety is yours? pisang mas? not many people like to grow banana plants in their garden. at least i dont see them in towns. i think it is because they trap water and that provides breeding pools of water for mosquitos. do you spray the water with oil to prevent breeding? in my family home in petaling jaya,we plant papaya trees instead. and suger cane. and curry leaves. is taro also called yams? if so, my mother used to plant them. it seems during the communist insurgency that was the only available thing to eat.


    • Hi alifesgayventure, Thanks for revisiting. It’s over a hundred in variety include pisang mas and pisang raja. I don’t spray them as long as the garden is clean and dry soil surface. Taro is named as Talas. Cheers.


    • Matur Nuwun for your nais weud, mas Bams 🙂 . I wonder if I it will arrive jogya as “Suntan” bananas . wkk. have a great Sunday to you and yours. BTW saya pengen ke Jurang Jero, pengen motret penduduk disana.


      • Awww… doeloe pak Muh sering ke Klaten ya.. (Klaten is my home town).
        Sejujurnya saya tidak mengetahui perkembangan penduduk di Jurang Jero. Anyway, saya siap mengantar pak Muh ‘hunting’ ke Jurang Jero.. 😛


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