44 comments on “PUNCAK holiday resort

  1. The photo of the tea plantation is so lovely. I have been to a tea plantation once, in Malaysia, and it
    was such a wonderful place. Hope I can go to the one in Puncak someday. 🙂


  2. Excellent shots, looks very peaceful. How does the Indonesian tea compare to Indian tea? I bet the volcanic soil is perfect for growing for it..:-)


    • The most famous tea comes from China. you will know the secret of blending tea when you see the process in the factory. in fact, the tea from Puncak is also labeled for Lipton, and other famous brands. 🙂


      • I was thinking the most famous teas came from the highlands of India, but there are some good blends from China as well..:-))


  3. Really nice story and pictures – like in India, people go up to cool off, and there are terraced tea plantations. I bet the tea is delicious. I have a at like the tea pickers wear (without the cloth covering). It belonged to the former owner of a house I lived in – she gave it to me. She lived in Hong Kong and traveled in the east for many years. I love that hat; it hangs on the wall. Now I see it in use, even better!


    • Sounds good to have a hat like that. is it the same material? it is made from webbing bamboo. inner part as first layer then covered up with bamboo leaves and outer part a webbing bamboo again. It is wrapped with vibrant colors to ease other people recognize where they are.


    • It is. when we want to photograph just the landscape, we must go there on weekdays, like what I have done it for these photos, I took them on Monday, the landscape with no people, even the main road is not crowded by cars. but it will be completely different on weekends. Thank you for visiting, Bente. 🙂


  4. Wow, such a beautiful and green place 🙂 Would love to visit one day!

    Thanks for sharing, all the best 🙂



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