64 comments on “the MOTH and the BUTTERFLY

  1. thank you for the info Muhammad…this particular moth is equally as beautiful as the butterfly in my mind…the photos are beautiful as always…I enlarge them as there is so much more to see that way…


  2. Great captured and ‘full’ information… perfect work, pak Muh.. 😀
    – deskripsi ‘kupu-kupu malam’ perlu ditambah dari ‘perspektif’ lainnya… hahaha.. 😆 –


  3. More fantastic photos! Like you aid, moths tend towards dull coloring, but this one is amazing. I wonder why it has such bright coloring. The eastern US has one outstandingly beautiful moth – the Luna moth, Actias luna. I only saw it a few times – each time was very special. Funny story – one afternoon I saw a Luna moth resting on a plant for sale outside a supermarket – it was summer and they were selling flower plants there. So I bought the plant, and even through the check-out process, the moth stayed on the potted plant, very still. After I got home I was able to release it in a safer place. No photos survive, but it’s a great memory.


    • What amazing story, bluebrightly. the moth in this picture was capture under the light of a nice overcast and she perched on the leaf of a hibiscus, a new tree that I planted a few days ago. Thank you for sharing your nice memory with me. Best wishes as always. 🙂


  4. very very beautiful ❤ , nice captures 😀 thats right they are beautiful but they dont live long besides there are many predators after them too . the art of Nature .


  5. Didn’t know that butterflies fold their wings while resting, as opposed to the moth. Thanks for pointing that out. There are some butterflies that come to my garden once in a while – I hope I have a chance to observe this!


  6. “Butterflies typically have beautiful bright colors, moths tend to be dark, dull or gray.” In the case of your pictures, Muhammad, the moth is displaying the most beautiful colors. Love its fuzzy legs, too. Well done.


    • That is quite true, Kathleen. The moth in this picture is brighter than others I have ever seen and if you enlarge the picture, you would see its artistic transparent spot and lines on its wings. Just to let you know, few days later this moth laid its eggs under the leaf. Thank you for loving this creature. 🙂


    • Oh, I am so glad to hear that, Vassilis. As my secret has been shared with you, I can’t wait to see the post. Let me know when it is posted. It took almost three weeks for me to learn intensively how to take photo of them. There are blue butterflies visit my garden every day, but haven’t got any of the pictures, it is very agile and restless. 😦


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