31 comments on “after a daybreak over THE MOUNTAIN

  1. breathtaking views Muhammad, enlarged there is so much to see, the colours are amazing…I understand why you would like to preserve this beauty!


    • Heather, When I was young and used to come to this place, there was almost no food stall but certified restaurants but not now any more. I always regret with the local authority’s performance and the local people who do not aware of environment and I am the one who is so sorry about it. When I took these photos, I had to set up my mind away from such destruction. I did it that most people don’t. would it be only a dream to me? I hope my people can read such of my short message. Thanks a lot for your nice comment and I am grateful you agree with me.


  2. Is the lovely young lady a relation, Muhammad? All stunning color pictures, yet my favorite is the green hill with the green building–something about the contrast of the two greens. Well done, my friend.


    • Yes Kathleen, she is my youngest daughter. She is on her school holiday at the moment and I took her for that morning shots. 🙂 I am so glad that you have enjoyed this post. Thank you


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