23 comments on “GINGER for silkannthreades

  1. Oh I am so thrilled you dedicated this post to me. Thank you, and you included a lovely picture of sweet Qarina too. The ginger roots look delicious but the ginger plant leaves are plain and simple. By looking at the leaves you would not guess that something so delicious was under the ground. I am intrigued by the bangle. I have not heard of this before. Strangely enough I have a bad headache today so it would be very good for me 🙂


  2. great information…I was always under the impression ginger was a good aid for stomach issues? Your granddaughter Qarina is beautiful Muhammad…and so helpful to her grandfather…


  3. A wonderful plant family, a nice post – Qarina looks like a charming, intelligent girl. It’ s so interesting to finally see the whole plant, fresh from the ground, and be able to connect that with the old tubers we buy here in the market. I do love ginger and its relatives, and I can understand how one of this tribe would get the reputation for exorcising bad spirits, as well as physical problems – it fits with the pungent power of these plants.


  4. Blue, this is the story of what I’ve ever witnessed. One day I watched a shaman treat a man who are hysterical (possibly possessed) by chewing bangle, then he ejected it from his mouth throughout the patient’s body and soon the man as he seemed to fall asleep and then woke up without knowing what had happened to him. very strange, isn’t it.


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