20 comments on “weekly photo challenge: Up

      • :)…all I ever do Muhammad is type in a reply to the response if I was wrong about something…I don’t think there is any other way to correct a error??? people understand… if you want to actually delete a comment on your blog you can do it in your dashboard area…hover over the comment and choose trash…hope that helps!


    • umm… iya benar sekali, Freak. di Batavia banyak sekali bangunan tua yang tidak dirawat. Seandaynya Pemerintah DKI melihat jauh kedepan dengan melakukan program restorasi “KOTU” dengan serius pasti Batavia akan sangat menarik banyak pelancong. Aku suka furstasi deh kalo dibawa diskusi kesitu. 😦


    • Oh yes. The building was founded by the Dutch East Indies in 1629 in former Batavia (Jakarta now) head quarter in which we can see most of the western and European architectural . Thanks that you are quite familiar with my usual style πŸ™‚


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