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    When I was a child of six, living near Punta Gorda, there was a huge Banyan Tree, just outside the school-yard of the elementary school I attended and a row of six Australian Pines, farther away, who were special friends of mine. I recently visited the places they used to be via Google Earth. There are now pavements (highways) were they used to be. The school and the trees are gone.


  2. These are wonderful trees. I like to think they are sacred and not haunted. When I was young, I used to enjoy playing around the banyan trees. They were not as beautiful and as big as the ones in your photos. But that was a long time ago! Maybe they are very big now.


  3. These are very beautiful photos and I enjoy the cultural explanation, it is very interesting. Thank you.


    • Ann, In several areas of my country, people make an offering under big trees, such as with a small basket of food, flowers, etc. while others consider growing this plant in front of the house have to be avoided even in a pot. Thanks a lot for visiting. Cheers


      • We used to live in Sumatra East and my father had to develop a plantation as work for nearby people in the village was required. A road was needed to make sure that the people could travel to work. Unfortunately, the surveyor could not avoid a Waringin Tree and had to be removed.
        My father asked for the Elders of the village for their recommendations to solve the problem.
        Decision in short: the Company paid for the construction of an offering place on the side of the road nearby where the Waringin stood and also for the offerings by the villagers. All were senang as well as the spirits. I have grey blue eyes and could not see the spirits. Selamat.

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  4. Oh, this is a majestic tree, with a passionate and loving soul…

    β€œTo study a banyan tree
    You not only must know
    Its main stem in its own soil
    But also trace the growth
    Of its greatness in the further soil
    For then you can know the true nature of its vitality.”
    Rabindranath Tagore


  5. My friend im gelosy of you ….:) Why??such lovely and Nice things in Europe we dont have,and you know how to show it …with a passion and a lot style.Great image again!!!!


    • You are most welcome, Kathleen. These trees are planted and grown up on the yard of the Bogor Palace and are hundreds years old (1850). in June 2006 windstorm uprooted many kinds of old trees included the trees on botanic garden which is located aside the palace. In 2008 the government re-planted with other trees ( as you probably could see from the picture ). If you come, we can meet in person too. I live 9km from the palace or just 10 to 15 minutes drive. Thank you so much for enjoying my post as always. Best regards. πŸ™‚


  6. Such beautiful images and this sounds like a magical place-one of the things I most like about your images is that they are a reminder of the constant beauty that surrounds us everyday. Thank you!


  7. Fascinating. I’ve never seen such a tree. Is the one in the first image growing in a marsh? It looks a bit like it in this photograph, but it’s difficult to tell.


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