22 comments on “AZAN brings to the mind of every believer and non-believer

  1. When I was very young I lived near a mosque and the call to prayer is a strong part of my memories. Later in Cairo, the Azan was a familiar sound. Here in Christchurch we have a mosque but I haven’t heard the Azan from there. Maybe I live too far away. I would like to hear it again.


  2. My house is in perfect vicinity. 40 mts away is the mosque, 130 mts away is the Hindu temple. Azan and Hindu prayers are clearly audible through the day. Also, 10 mts away is the graveyard across the road, next to that is the cremation ground. Very very close 🙂


  3. Nice weather you got over there with a beauty view,great THE image with all THE elettrecity cables,on this Way THE moque get a original touch!!great shoot again,my compliment!!!


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