39 comments on “a DAY to remember

  1. A lovely tribute and beautiful flowers. Your beloved one may be gone but also rests peacefully in your heart. I hope you have a peaceful time with your memories.


    • Thank you very much , Michael. Truly sad. My wife and I have ever had a plan to spend the rest of our lives when I was going to retire from work but God willed different. I loss both


      • As we get older we lose more people. Somehow we have to get used to it. This might be why older people are less optimistic than younger. It is not just real experience of life, it is also that at the bottom of our hearts there is sadness that every year seems to grow a bit.


    • I realized if women stronger than men in this case. For sure I have asked many friends about it, they said yes it is a terribly difficult situation to go through. Thank you very much my friend. Best wishes.


    • Thank you very much, Jackie. A very well said “Live each day as if it were your last” and I am so sorry for your loss too. in fact we lose some thing or someone each day. Best wishes


  2. My dear friend – what a joyful relationship you had with your beloved. Your tribute spoke to my heart and reminded me that we must not waste time in anger or resentment. There is too little time that is given – every minute must be about compassion and love. Thank you so much for this post.


  3. I’m sorry for your loss. Anniversaries are difficult – who knows, maybe your recent illness was related to this anniversary. You are wise to acknowledge it and to commemorate the day with a beautiful poem and uplifting images. Peace.


    • My family, my relatives and neighbors said exactly the same with your words (that is probably yes). Mind effects a lot to stomach when getting old and I am aware of that. I appreciate your thought. Thank you very much.


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