24 comments on “CYDISTA AEQUINOCTIALIS smells like Garlic.

    • First pic was taken under full sunlight, second and third are when clouds gave shade on it few minutes in between. The mosquito is not a vampire, I am not sure if it works. 🙂


  1. I have a Garden and Window box’s and I do NOTHING with either. It is cut and looks nice. I always say “I am going to plant some flowers”
    Being saying this 3 years now since we moved here 🙂


    • That is very interesting that you transplanted it directly from the forest. Yes what a beautiful flowers it is. Thank you for sharing information about your collection. I am so delighted. 🙂


      • i had always admired it crowing the canopy in the wild, but no one in the area grew it. I always liked to do my own ‘yard work’ on the plot of wildnerness, because farm workers cut back everything except grass, palm trees, fruit trees and culantro. i rooted a section of vine that had woody growth as well as new growth.


    • Fabulous! … Unfortunately , my house yard is (probably) not as wide as yours, so I have to trim certain vine plants to give enough space to other plants but it still looks in the plot of wilderness too since I like the plants most. 🙂


  2. Salam Pak. Di mana biasanya kita bisa mendapatkan tanaman merambat ini? Sangat menarik? Apakah bisa diperbanyak dengan stek? Kami di Bogor pak.

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