32 comments on “fruit time: Bogorian Pineapple (Nenas Bogor)

  1. Those look like the sweet little pineapples we used to eat when I lived in Fiji. I didn’t know about soaking the pineapple in salt water though. A useful tip. The pineapples we get in NZ are from the Philippines I think. They have a smooth skin.


    • Yes. It is my favorite fruits also. I like to blend the fruit together with papaya and a little slice of lemon what we call pineapple-papaya juice. Thank you for your nice words, Snap 🙂


    • You are most welcome gpcox. This pineapples is probably similar kind to the pineapples grown in Hawaii and Fiji or in other parts of So.America. As you know tastes of the fruits are usually varies from one place to another depending on the climate where it grow.


  2. I didn’t know they are originally from Brazil. You have many pleasures with your tropical climate, and different varieties of pineapple to taste must be great fun. I remember the rows of pineapples growing in Hawaii – very cool to see! As always, you’ve taken really perfect photos and given us just the right amount of information – not too much, not too little!


  3. Delishiousness!
    I just found a comment that you left on my blog in Feb of this year that I missed. It was a beautiful comment and I am so sorry I missed it!
    I love you blog and photos!


    • Don’t worry, Cindy. I sometimes did the same thing. Thank you for always visiting my blog and I really quite enjoying your posts too. Best wishes and great day for you and yours. Muhammad


    • wow, that must be so interesting to read. I planed to see in person the pineapple plantation which is located a bit far from my house (60 kms). The owner live in town near my house and I have talked about my interest to visit his plantation. Thank you very much for nice words. Best regards.


    • Dalam beberapa pustaka (literatur) Nenas Bogor termasuk species Ananas comosus (L) Merr atau Ananas comosus yang aslinya berasal dari Amerika Selatan (mungkin Brazil), dibawa oleh orang-orang spanyol (tidak jelas profesinya) ke semenanjung Malaya, Pilipina dan Indonesia pada abad ke 16. Pada jaman Hindia Belanda mulai ditanam di pekarangan rumah, kemudian dibudidayakan secara intensif di lereng-lereng pegunungan di Bogor.
      Jadi sebenarnya Nenas yang tumbuh di Indonesia bukan tanaman asli, begitu pula Nenas-nenas yang tumbuh di daerah tropis dan subtropis lainnya, seperti negara-negara di Asia, Afrika dan Hawaii belum ditemukan referensi yang menjelaskannya ada species lain sebagai tanaman asli (origin).


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