20 comments on “Dazzling sunlight in NANGGUNG

    • At the mountainous areas, irrigation is done from the top. There are always some streams or springs on the upper hill or mountain, then flowed through the gutters distributing the waters from the upper terraces down to lower parts. while for flat land, irrigation is made through some irrigation canals throughout the area surrounding the paddy fields.
      I appreciate your very good question, Barbara and thank you for visiting and share our thoughts.


      • I buy rice flour and bake my own bread. I also make cakes and cookies now and then. There are other flours I use, such as bean, potato, flax seed and sorghum. It is more challenging, but it is much better than going without some type of bread.


    • Yes, when the official mining company opened the mine then hundreds of illegal people came to the surrounding area for the gold and dig the ground without proper methods. I see the conflicts has never ended. We are so sorry to see many villages become victims from those illegal miners. My fav. rice is plain one that I can eat with any other recipe. Red rice and sweet rice make my stomach being irritated.


      • I am sorry to hear about the troubles caused by the gold mining. Interesting about the red rice. A friend of mine was suggesting that I eat red rice because she says it is more nutritious. I didn’t really like it though. Usually we eat a Jasmine rice from Thailand but my favourite rice ever was one we ate in Nepal . It was referred to as Pokhara rice but I don’t know exactly what type of rice it was. The flavour and texture were wonderful.


    • Yes it is. Most of villagers used to utilize the river’s water for bathing and washing cloths but not now anymore. Rice fields are irrigated from the springs on the top of the hills so it is not polluted. The illegal miners are uncontrolled and they are so many!


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