23 comments on “QUISQUALIS INDICA an astonishing beauty

  1. i grew up in malaysia, but i have never seen this plant. it looks like jasmine, in that the flowers are small and in clusters; except for the colour changes. strangely,now i come to think of it, there are very few flowers with an intense fragrant smell in malaysia, i mean ones that u can smell just by walking past the plant; (correct me if i am wrong) most of them in malaysia if they smell at all , smell of carrion, jasmine is one of the rare ones that smell so nice, and it appears this one i shall add to the list.
    honeysuckle in uk is a plant that u can smell , and it is a sweet smell, just by walking past the plant. actually the flower looks like this too. i wonder if they belong to the same group.


    • Yes, this flowers spread its smell to the air surrounding where it is, though not so strong. I just planted this plant few months ago and this is the first time baring the flowers. Thank you for sharing your thought.


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