48 comments on “fruit time: NANGKA (Jackfruit) from Bogor

    • I believe you have tasted some of tropical fruits available at your place. I am quite healthy right now. Thank you very much for a wonderful thought on this post. Best wishes to you and your family.

      Muchas gracias. Muhammad


  1. Lovely Post, Mr Muhammad. Congrats. All pix are just extraordinary. But Number One goes to the Vendor peeling bulbs!

    Thank you for the post – from country of origin of Nangka. In a few areas of our country, a movement to popularise jackfruit is on. Have you heard of Jackfruit Festivals? In Kerala & Karnataka, since last 5 years, about 50 ‘Jack Fest’s are conducted. Lot of experimentation is going on. Very sad part is lions-share of this wonderful fruit produced goes waste sans utilisation.

    I feel, we have lot to learn from each other. A neywork between all hack-lovers of Jackfruit Growing countries has to be started. I am editor of a farm magazine, ‘Adike Patrike’. We have brought 11 Jackfruit Special Issues in last 5 years. Plus dozens of positive stories from not only our country, but from Srilanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines etc. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the Jackfruit scenario in Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh etc.

    We are very keen to interact / exchange Jackfruit related information with Jackfruit lovers, Scientists & Jack farmers all over the country. My contact : espadre@gmail.com

    Thanking You So Much
    Shree Padre
    Editor, Adike Patrike


    • Thank you very much for visiting my blog and this is a lovely conversation start for me about the fruits. I have heard about the Jackfruit festival in India from an Indian friend 2 years ago. He told me it is a very interesting event. I understand that we have many kinds of Jackfruit’s tastes, the shape and sizes and it will be of interest for the Jackfuits lovers. I herewith give you a link to an agriculture magazine which you could probably obtain further information on the development of the cultivation in Indonesia and the lovers. The publication of this magazine also provide on line at : https://twitter.com/trubusonline. at the upper left side of the site you can find the address of the publisher and the site at http://trubus-online.com
      Once again, I highly appreciate your nice conversation and please let me be informed if your require further assistance from my side. Best wishes.


  2. What a beautiful fruit. I remember seeing it in markets in Indonesia on a visit quite a while ago. I don’t remember whether I tasted it or not. Wish I had. Thanks for the English translation.


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