29 comments on “Getting to know the variety of BANANAS

  1. Such variety! Do you have a favourite banana? I see some taro(?) in the second to last photo. Taro is a root crop I enjoy. It makes a change from potatoes. You probably know more exciting recipes.


  2. In Indonesia I realized that there are so many different kind of bananas!
    We had a lot of them, much better than the “standard” bananas sold in European supermarkets.
    The small ones (Lampung?), with very thin skin were my favorites. They were sweet but still had a good/perfect quantity of acidity. I think I will never have so good bananas like in Indonesia.

    @Gallivanta, I love taro as food and as ornamental plant. Two years ago I got a small piece that was “over” in an Asian specialty shop, the lady gave me this as present as she knew I love plants. I followed her suggestion, placed it in a pot and now I have a beautiful plant for my house.


    • I understand that many countries import only certain kind of bananas, like Cavendish bananas which is most popular and has a better smooth skin and beautiful shape while other kinds are mostly too large or its appearance is not attractive.


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