16 comments on “PETREA VOLUBILIS a tropical purple

  1. Oh, it is heavenly to see this vine again. Is it growing at your house? When I was a child, it used to grow at the house of my best friend. I thought it was so beautiful then but I have not seen it in real life for decades. Sand paper for a shiny head!!! Mmmmmm……I wonder 😀


  2. Another new plant – thank you for that! I love blue in flowers – it’s not so common here either, but they do exist – especially in the spring, it seems to me. And there is the question of very blue blues and more purple blues – the more purple blue flowers are easier to find, the really blue ones, like a sky blue, are more unusual.
    I like the persistent sepals,and the use of the leaves. The leaves don’t look like they would be firm enough – maybe they glue the leaf to something?


    • Indeed you are right, the flower color is not pure blue, but blue-purple. blue sky is very rarely found in flower color, if there is any, it is very beautiful. The leaves are not rigid but has rough upper surface like sandpaper, so that the people used to smooth wood carving to make it looks shiny.

      when rubbed into the forehead, or to the head, there will be a very painful scratches. ( I have done this when I was a child).


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