19 comments on “AMOMUM MEGALOCHEILOS (Griffith) Baker

  1. That’s a fascinating plant! Mostly it sounded typical for the Ginger family, until you described the flower. I think it’s a great flower for interesting stories because of the habit of the flower being away from the the rest of the visible parts of the plant. But maybe it’s not so good for cultivation in gardens because you would never know for sure where the flower is going to pop up. But so interesting! I can see how small the flower is by looking at the leaves in your photo. A little gem, yes?


    • That is right, like a little gem or I would describe it like stars in the sky, shining so bright in the dark of the shady ground. The flowers in this photo was located approximately 15 feet from the plants. Isn’t it unique? Indeed, it needs wider garden to grow.


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