16 comments on “a WEDDING – part 2

  1. Congratulations on the wedding of your son. These photographs are beautiful, as are your descriptions of this tender ritual. Thank you for sharing with us such this glimpse into your culture and your family.


    • Definitely, You are our honoured guest on this celebration. I am sure you will follow this story until the end. I would like to post, the tradition of how the parents remind the new wedding couple what to do and should do in building their own family. Fun, entertaining, full with visual aids and meanings. those you will see in the next post. 😀


  2. Muhammad, What an honor it is that you shared these pictures from your son’s wedding. Also, that you took the time to explain the customs involved in that wedding and the reception.


    • With my pleasure, Kathleen. customs and tradition of the people in our country is varies from one place to another and always looks and sounds interesting to many of us. Especially in such occation which usually attended by so many people whom their origin come from different parts of our country have different tradition as well. the ceremony lasts throughout the day together with coming and going the visitors. I am so glad you enjoyed my post and I am feeling most honoured by your presence.

      I would not stop telling this event till end, because there are still many things to tell about this tradition. See you in the next ceremonies.


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