16 comments on “Sunday Stills Photo Challenge: BAD WEATHER

  1. THERE IS NO BAD WEATHER, JUST BAD CLOTHING” It is either a Swedish or Norwegian proverb (both claim it) But there have been many who have used it, including Henry Kissinger and Ranulph Fiennes.

    I know what you mean about rain! People who live in Vancouver call it liquid sunshine.


    • Oh, That is very interesting!!! hmm, Liquid Sunshine sounds perfect too. Here, we call it “blessing”.
      Thank you so much for your information. It’s really great!

      I don’t know what had happened to my follow your blog, I didn’t receive notification anymore in my inbox. This time (during the heavy rains) I have difficulty to get to internet connection at my area. You know, this post took almost two hours to publish. There is no bad weather, just bad connection. 😀


  2. When it rains constantly like that, doesn’t it get depressing? We have that every once in a while here in Florida for weeks at a time, I don’t remember a full month recently. Hang in there!


    • Oh yes it does. Young people are OK with this condition but not for older. I was hung in the house for several weeks doing nothing but go to the kitchen for hot tea, watching TV, and hide in a blanket ! sometimes I forget the date.


  3. I got this from answers.yahoo.com:

    It’s an old Scandinavian saying. In Swedish/Norwegian the word for “weather” rhymes with the word for “clothes”.

    Swedish: Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder
    Norwegian: Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær


  4. Looks like bad weather in your pic, but only if you’re out in it. That saying is very true, and Clanmother is right. It’s an old Swedish or Finnish proverb. The originals actually rhyme: Swedish: Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder
    Norwegian: Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær.


  5. At my age, too much rain “chills me to the bone”, but when I was much younger and my son was a little boy, we used to go out walking in the rain and splashing through water puddles (just as I had done as a child). Your picture was taken from inside a car. Now I’m curious… do you have a car of your own and what kind? Or how do you travel, Muhammad?


    • Now I am getting old too, Kathleen. I can’t stand on the heavy rain unless in emergency. Yes, the picture was taken from inside a car. It is a kind of Family Van Nissan Grand Livina 1,500 cc- 8 persons capacity, year made 2012. When my children were little boy and girls, we used to travel by driving our own car, sometimes we take an overland trip to more than a thousand mile from home during a holiday but not now anymore. My son and I will drive by turns if we travel long distance.


  6. Sometimes there are such great comments, aren’t there? No bad weather, just bad connections? I hope it’s better now! We’re very cold right now, but dry for a change. Like you said, adapting makes all the difference.


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