19 comments on “From The Pond With Lilies

  1. I, too, am fond of water lilies, Muhammad. In fact, the one professional painting that I own is that of a water lily. Thank you for sharing these images with us.


  2. Hallo pak Muh… kumaha wartosna ? Semoga selalu sehat dan bahagia.
    Long time no see you.. hehehe… 😀
    Kayaknya familiar dengan lokasi foto tsb, di Kebun Raya Bogor ?
    Salam hangat dan jabat erat dari Jogya… 🙂


    • Hai Hai…. 😀 .. Sae sae ae > Iyah nih lama gak kelihatan di inboxku. Kenapa ya? saya heran .
      Saya akan coba unfollow dan follow lagi ya. Kelihatannya Mas Bams lebih sering ngeblog daripada saya ya? sekarang di Bogor Hujan terus euy. Saya gak berani ngeluarin Kamera DLSR, soalnya Suka rusak, macet, trus lensanya pada jamuran!!!..

      Thank you very much for visiting (again). Best wishes and big hug 😀


    • Yes, I would love to see it. He is so legendary!
      Rudolph Herman Christiaan Carel Scheffer (1844–1880) was the 4th Director of this garden and he was inspired by Monet painting when he set up some Water Lilies ponds here. Thank you my dear friend.


  3. Oh, so lovely. It’s nice to see the different kinds of water lillies – we have wild ones here. Both yellow and white, but the white ones were originally from the eastern part of America and can be invasive.


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