16 comments on “Menjelang Mimpi Menjadi Kenyataan

  1. My translation add-on has stopped working but the photos speak volume. Very lovely place and the stories etched on the face of the man in photo titled Senyuman dari Cigudeg are timeless!


    • Yes, Jagged. “Towards a dream become a reality (true)” telling our people in Cigudeg how they react to the Government’s plan to split Bogor regency into two parts and the new regency will include my hometown which is also to be selected as the capital of the regency.
      This post is addressed to them and I know they would love to read it since the story about Cigudeg is not many found in Internet.

      Unfortunately, many of them usually just to copy-pasted my writing as well as my photos (especially by students) without permission and attribution.

      Thank you for your compliment on “The smile from Cigudeg”


  2. Will the new political divisions even divide the district agriculturally and economically? Will equal public services be provided for the new districts? Are you active politically? I did read that the fertile areas are not spread equally across the land which made me wonder if the new political map would be drawn to accommodate that. …Thank you for the illustrating photos as well as the informative blog post.


    • According to the State law and regulation, it became an autonomous region, which covers all aspects of economic and regional development under the authority of the head of the region. He must be responsible for the distribution of development across its area equally.

      I am just an ordinary person who has never been interested in politic. At all 😀

      I am always confused ( like most of other people ) a very complicated situation , Whether the society can not be regulated or the leaders are not capable to set up Expressly .
      Each leader elected by the people , the president is directly elected by all citizens of the state, the Governor is directly elected by the citizens of each province , as well as a regent is elected directly by the citizens of each district , all 5-year term of duty. All candidates are represented by various political parties , so it seems they are always almost out of time to develop it since they should not be loose with their political interests of their party in maintaining the party that must still lead to the next term.


  3. Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

    Bapak, perkenalkan, saya Hepi mahasiswa Arsitektur Lanskap IPB. Kebetulan saya saat ini sedang menyusun skripsi yang berkaitan dengan Cigudeg. Blog bapak sangat membantu untuk mengetahui lebih banyak tentang Cigudeg. Terima kasih banyak.
    Ohya pak, jika berkenan, saya ingin meminta izin pada Bapak untuk menggunakan beberapa informasi dan foto yang ada di post ini. Tentu saja dengan kredit dan pencantuman sumber yang disepakati. Terima kasih banyak sebelumnya.

    Wassalamualaikum Wr Wb

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    • Waalaykum Salaam Wr.Wb.

      Sdri Hepi, Bpk menyadari bahwa banyak sekali blogger muda yang telah mengcopy-paste postingan bpk di blog mereka tanpa mengantribusi sumber tulisan itu, mereka telah melanggar etik blog. banyak juga foto-foto bpk yg mereka potong labelnya. Hal ini sangat disesalkan adanya.

      Bpk sangat senang dengan kunjungan Hepi ke blog ini, dan untuk keperluan skripsi, silahkan saja Hepi ambil informasi dan foto2 yang diperlukan. bahkan apabila masih memerlukan informasi lain, siapa tahu bpk bisa membantunya.

      Semoga sukses.


      • Wah, terima kasih banyak pak, sangat membantu sekali karna literatur terkait Cigudeg memang masih kurang. Insya Allah saya akan informasikan bagian tulisan maupun foto yang akan saya sitasi. Sebelumnya, kalau bapak berkenan, boleh saya tahu nama lengkap bapak? untuk pencantuman sumber dan penulis. Insya Allah akan bertanya beberapa hal lagi. Semoga bapak berkenan. Terima kasih sebelumnya.

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      • Nama saya Muhammad Soleh, Non. silahkan dengan senang hati. Siapa tahu saya bisa membantu. Semoga sukses ya.

        Silahkan di-search juga Cigudeg di blog ini, ketikan “Cigudeg” dalam search dibawah “Bendera berkibar” 🙂


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