22 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: TREASURE

  1. What a beautiful treasure. Do you know if someone in the family had it before your mother-in-law? And judging by your son’s wedding, her wish for you and your children has come true.


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  6. That is a beautiful tradition, and such an attractive container for the tradition. And then of course you took a great photograph of it, and explained it clearly and simply – thank you. I’m glad the tube has carried the tradition for so long and I hope it continues for much longer.


    • When I read the photo challenge about treasure, this tube has interesting story. I didn’t realize that it has been 31 years with me. You can see the color of the rice is not too much changed for such long. I really appreciate what my mother-in-law has given to me and I will keep it along with my life. I have also told my younger daughter about the story of this tube. She was very surprised.


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