12 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: ABANDONED

    • we are very sad to hear or read about the real story at the time of the Japanese invasion in Asia, especially in Indonesia. Japanese brutality in detention was terrible, However that is History .

      In 2009, I found a simple blog owned by Elizabeth van Kampen who had spent her childhood and grown up in parts of our country during the Dutch East Indies until the Japanese invasion era. Now she has established an amazing website here: http://www.dutch-east-indies.com/story/. and I once in a while re-read her story.

      I think I have to see the Three came home in film. Thank you for giving the link.


  1. This is a very different view from the beautiful plants you often photograph, and it just goes to show that you have an endlessly curious eye. And then, while setting up this photo, I’m sure you were aware of exactly what little botanical treasures surrounded you.


    • Exactly, When I took the photo, I had to go down underneath the bridge, very slippery surface through the shrubs with its enchanting plants leaves. Standing a bit back off from the edge of the concrete base (because I am scared of the height) then this is what it looks. I am sure none of people had done this before. Thank you, Blue.


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