18 comments on “RICE PLANTING

  1. We only saw women working in the rice fields of southern India….interesting. I can’t imagine how their backs hurt…but I imagine they are glad to have a job.


    • I did have done this work when I was grown up, I hurt my back several days. There seems to be no other way to do the work. If the rice planting be done like wheat cultivation, that will be very much helpful to farmers.


  2. I remember watching folks doing this when I was little (when my grandfather used to own planting fields) – my grandmother would take me and my siblings to go there and bring food/snacks for the farmers. I can still remember walking on the narrow ridges that serves as the pathway, we call it ‘pilapil’ – I feel dizzy as I concentrate on my steps and seeing water on both sides, even if I knew that it’s less than a foot deep I still fear falling over, haha!


  3. It always seems like such an amazing process, that setting down each little plant, one by one. I have not seen rice planting or harvesting in person, just through film, but I’ve seen enough to know it’s a huge job. Your photos are very nice and your simple description is just enough.


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