28 comments on “Melody from the Orchids of mine

    • I have some species of Orchids at home but not all of them are flowering this season. Maybe because of too much rains and less sunny days till now. Thank you for your compliment.


    • It is always amazing to see the land when it turns to different looks. I hope a rebirth will come sooner. We have evergreen land here, during the dry season only grasses disappeared due to less waters on the surface but too much rains can destroy some vegetation also. Thank you.


    • Oh yes, that’s true. I have seen them when I was there so does The Jakarta Int. Airport. Singapore import them from Thailand and Indonesia for the life Orchids and cut Orchid flowers. I wish you would come to Indonesia when you were there, it is only a Superman’s jump from Singapore. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Terima kasih Mas Chris, tapi kayaknya aku gak setelaten yang difikirkan Mas Chris kok.Kalau sering dipegang malah jadi stress deh tanamannya. gak ngerti aku. bahkan daunnya suka kuning lalu kering gitu.


  1. So sweet! The first photo is full of joy. I just came back from a few days in the California desert – you would love the variety of plant life there! Soon I’ll start posting some photos – please stop by in a week or so and they should be up.


    • Wow, I hardly can’t wait. The ecosystem of desert is always amazing to me. Unfortunately we don’t have such place in the country. Well, I think I should reset the follow on your blog since so many blogs notification become disappeared in my inbox. thank you very much, Blue.


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