30 comments on “the white HIBISCUS mutabilis

  1. Flowers have a way of connecting us to special moments in our lives, from their first welcome at our birth to the moment of our passing. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. They are gentle companions in our lives.


    • You are most welcome, Neihtn. I am so glad you enjoyed this post. Several months ago I brought another soft orange hibiscus from a village and planted on my garden, hopefully it will bare the flowers soon.


  2. Very interesting! The plant must be beautiful covered with blossoms of different ages. I can see the resemblance to a common temperate garden plant, Malva officianalis. Maybe you know it – it has a less showy flower but similar buds and structure.


    • Yes, Both of hibiscus and Malva belong to the same family of Malvaceae. We can easily notice from its structure and the resemblance of the flowers and leaves. Hibiscus mutabilis can reach height to 18 ft with woody trunk and many branches with large flowers from 4 to 8 inches in diameter while the malva officianalis grow to maximum 6 ft at its origin habitat and are erect and simple.


  3. Confederate Rose makes a small sturdy tree in South Eastern USA . So called because it’s growing zone in USA is the confederate states and for the rose-like appearance of the profuse blossoms. I didn’t know it was a mallow 🙂 .


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