13 comments on “sundays Stills: POTLUCK

    • Well, in case of your computer is attacked by a virus, your screen display says ” unknown virus has been detected. Remove the virus from the computer?”
      I am sure you will click “Yes” instead of “No”. and then, your computer will not be able to remove it, it says “The virus is unremoved”. Download A antivirus?….. you maybe click “Yes”. and the computer will offer you two choices: “Free trial” and “Download to purchase”. Which one would you like to click?.. OK, lets say you choose “Free Trial”. And your computer will automatically download this one and you will be seriously start removing the virus with this software. But, this program only capable to says “The Virus can not be removed. Download B Antivirus?”. You click “Yes” again….. Several Antivirus has been down loaded from A to C or maybe F software. None of them can solve your problem. Guess, why?….. 😀


    • Well,…. It’s because the virus is unknown = no name, so you have to discover the name of the virus first then remove it. Try to use your own name, such as Carolynware if the computer belongs to you. 😀 😀 😀


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