17 comments on “BB = Black Butterfly

  1. Beautiful photos! Such an unusual coloring – like it was done with a rough pencil. It proves you don’t need bright colors to be beautiful. And the pink orchid is perfect to photograph this pretty butterfly on.


    • This butterfly is also bigger than other common butterflies in their size as you could see in the 2nd picture, it is wider than the orchid flowers. I think it is a female. Thank you.


    • There are many of them flying around my house every day, but too agile to take the photos. I took these photo in the morning and had to wait her back to perch on the orchids. It was so fun for me. not to my neighbors. πŸ™‚


    • Hehehe, Saat ini tamanku hancur lebur Mas karena hujan beberapa bulan lalu yg hampir gak pernah brenti! tapi ada atau tidak ada bunga, kupu-kupu selalu datang tiap hari. Thanks.


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