1. its very skillful , i would not have known of the photoshop. it is a good exercise to hone your photoshopping skills.
    i must confess i like the original more. it calls to me maybe because i do not look for symmetry in nature. function is more important to me when it comes to nature and if the butterfly performs well and survives with that assymetric wing,it is beautiful


    • Ah Yes, Pak Haryanto. Salam kenal. I am so glad you can visit my blog. Greeting from Bogor too. Thank you very much. I hope we can share what we have in our part of the country. 🙂


    • Thank you, my dear friend. I was very surprised, usually the appearance of a butterfly like this shows that he was born just a few days, because his wings are still in good shapes,There may be a predator has tried to catch it. Unfortunately we can only fix the picture. But very fun. Best wishes for you, Wendy.


    • Siap Mas! kalo punya program Photoshop kita bisa memperbaiki foto yg kurang sempurna. Tapi program yg saya pake ini Photoshop JADUL CS2, sekarang sudah CS6 kaalo gak salah, tapi prinsipnya sih sama aja, cuma fiturnya yg tambah banyak. 🙂


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