22 comments on “Sunday Stills Photo Challenge: TRASH

  1. I think, it is important, from time to time, to show that beautiful photographs build some unreal imagination, and to make people think about, that the pictures of nature’s beauty mostly were taken by editing something less pleasent out.
    Especially seeing this huge trunk of a tree with civilisations dirt seems touching to me.


    • It is very sad, the rapid technological developments resulting waste products which can not be decomposed is not balanced by intellectual development, discipline, and consciousness of the individual, family or even a community. Agree with you. Thank you!


    • Duh, kalo dikasih tahu nanti ada yang malu, Mas ! Problem sampah di kita memang No.1, kayaknya. aku siy bisa aja motret tempat sampah yang bagus-bagus juga banyak di Bogor dan Jakarta, kan? …. πŸ˜›


    • All of us condemned all forms of violations of the rules set by the government or even by the religion. This is a fact that there are still so many people who have no awareness to the environmental contamination. It is very embarrassing. Thank you for your thought.


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