22 comments on “Sunday Stills Photo Challenge: One Subject, just one.

  1. Hi Mohammad.
    On my trips to Maui I enjoy the “plumeria” (that’s what they are called on Maui). The pink are wonderful, but the white are most common over there.
    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Tom The Backroads Traveller


    • Hello Tom,
      I am so glad that you can share your experience in Maui with me. If you come to Bali, you can also see people wearing white plumeria (frangipani) in their hairs. Thanks for your nice thought, my friend. 🙂


  2. This custom is wonderful on many levels – when you go around and pick up the fallen flowers, you honor them and your attention is brought to bear on something others might not notice, and it slows you down and shows an appreciation for all of nature. And when you offer the flowers for passers by to see, the generosity and warmth of that gesture is delightful. This is the spirit of a deep, pleasurable and wise connection to life. Thank you for showing us!


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