17 comments on “Flowers Of The Week: EUPHORBIA

  1. I though that Hens and Chicks, a succulent, might be one of the 2000 relatives, but it is not. they are Crassulaceae, however the popular Poinsettia is in the family. The milky poisonous sap clued me in, when I looked up Euphorbia. Then looked up Poinsettias. I have been unable to make them live more than three years here, but at my Grandmother’s house in South Florida Poisettias were HUGE, or so they seemed almost sixty years ago 🙂 We children were always cautioned about the sap. But there were so many other friendlier trees and other plants that we didn’t mind avoiding these. Do the plants in your lovely photo grow large? They are certainly an interesting genus.


    • Very interesting! when I was a child my mom grew some Poinsettias too but I have had never known that the sap was harmful.

      My euphorbia is less than 1 meter because I often cut them to keep it flowering. This one is called as euphorbia salmon since the flower’s colors remind us to salmon meat. 🙂


      • Does your beautiful plant have a different name in your language with different color associations? The flesh of wild salmon is indeed a beautiful reddish orangy pinkish color. But your succulent flower, with the wonderful greens surrounding is a different class of color altogether. Plants reflect light differently than do animals and living things reflect light or even generate their own light, differently than non-living. I think the colors need different words Maybe euphorbia matahari terbit . I like that. Instead of euphorbia dead fish. Probably, with all of the mutations, your’s is unique and you can name it what you like. 🙂 Wiki says there are 2008 species. Probably more are just not documented.

        As you can tell, I have thought about the nature of light and color quite a bit. I wrote a l-o-n-g reply about the background of my interest in light, then cut it. It was too long. And at the same time too short.

        It seems every flower and every tree has associations, Just one of the beautiful aspects of flowering plants. Hmmm. Is there any plant, at all, that does NOT flower?


    • The leaves of the plant is waxy. when we take picture with a slightly back light, it looks shining and reflect the light in to a camera lens. I love you name it Matahari terbit. sounds perfect! 🙂

      Actually, Salmon is not found in Indonesia but I associate it with the meat that I usually see at international hotels.

      Ya, I think there is plant doesn’t flowers. It was an exception, some day, long ago I bought a very young cutting rose tree that the nursery owner called it King rose. It had been about two years in my garden, never bear any flowers but growing wild like an invasive vine plants until I eradicate it to death 😦 I was so sorry that I had destroyed his life, however I need no infertile KING on my garden!


      • Salmon like cold water. Damming of spawning streams and rivers is a problem, not only with the barriers, but the pooled water warms up in spawning season. I lived for a while in the Pacific North West.

        Yikes! Blackberries, which I think are relative of roses…. will behave that way. The males will spread as invasive thorny vines.


      • Oh, I know there are so many species of plants has a single sex, like in palm family and Vanilla? but they do flowers.

        I am surprised if blackberries has infertile one.


      • There are also hybrids, that do flower and have infertile fruit, and hybrid thornless blackberries. And GMOs with programed second generation death. 😦


      • It allows for the spread of the patented DNA to spread (especially wind born pollen … like maize) so the neighboring seed crops are contaminated. When the contaminated seeds are planted they produce defective or missing fruits or the plant just dies. Then farmers are forced to buy seed, they cannot use their own saved seed, as it has the programmed defects. Farmers are forced to sign exclusive contracts and mortgage crops with the owners of the patented seed. It is evil. There are other insidious ways that food sources are being taken over or spoiled. Google: dioxin, glyphosate, India Green Revolution + Suicide …. is a start …. there are thousands of pages on those subjects. “Round-Up Ready” products and seeds and the chemical components of “Round-Up”. The chemical history of Round-Up. and GURT – Wikipedia


    • Euphorbias best grow in less water soil and full sun it will not extremely invasive. I often cut the branches to control them. Thank very much you have enjoyed the shot. 🙂


  2. I have many euphorbia since they are common flowers in Yogya. The white one is often called “Delapan Dewa” in here because the petals shape looks like the “8”.


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