21 comments on “Flowers Of The Week: ALLAMANDA

    • Allamanda is not a typical houseplant. Also, it’s a loose climber that benefits from support (although it can be grown as a small shrub). natural allamanda plants tend to be fairly large . In the garden, they grow to largish shrubs. especially the A. cathartica, feature large buttery yellow flowers with a brown throat and absolutely intoxicating fragrance hidden among large, glossy leaves. When the plant is in full bloom, it is likely to be covered with these 3″ or 4″ flowers and will be the pride of your collection.
      Allamanda prefer strong light, including some direct sun. They can be trained to full sun, or they can be grown successfully in an east-facing window with a few hours of morning sun. Adequate sunlight is essential for blooming.


  1. Pink!! a new color. I’ve only seen yellow before. I once lived in an old house, pre-Civil War. It was owned by a family named Strange. And that is what they were. They had a name that suited them very well.

    The big house was surrounded by bushes with these yellow flowers. Behind the well house there was a grove of pecan trees. Around everywhere else there fields that alternated pole beans and tobacco.

    One winter my goldfish froze suspended in it’s crystal bowl. I had a purple hyacinth in the goldfish’s water. It too was frozen. For that frozen while it was beautiful, like a crystal sculpture. I set it in a large pan before it thawed with heat from the cooking. As soon as the crystal touched the metal pan it broke into many sharp sparkling shards, but the water was still clear ice with the poor fish and the hyacinth.

    Again I thank you for flower memories.


  2. Thanks for your visits and likes on my blog. I am adding your blog to my blogroll so others may travel to Indonesia via your posts.


  3. I first saw this flower in Puerto Rico – I was 19 and living and going to school in New York City. I took a short trip to Puerto Rico for a winter break from the cold. The Alamanda flowers were common, and so cheerful. Then every time I went to the Caribbean after that, I saw them again. They are almost a tropical emblem or symbol, aren’t they?


    • Allamandas grow and cultivated very well in tropical and subtropical and they highlight the garden strongly. I am impressed by your beautifu memories of these flowers, Blue. Thank you for sharing it with me.


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