44 comments on “To All My Dear Blogger Friends

    • Taking photos inside the mosque and other places of worship that are included in the implementation of the pilgrimage is strictly prohibited and monitored very closely by the police of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are everywhere in almost every step of ours. Nevertheless, I will bring a pocket camera alone, although the results will not be as good as the bigger camera.

      I have no intention to break their regulation unless I got permission from the police but I am quite sure one of them would take the camera from me by force instead. Lets see what I could do otu there. 😀


      • i have a feeling it wont be so easy to take pictures even outside the mosque. they will be very perso al pictures of your fellow pilgrims and i am sure they wont like it to have their photos put out in public. dont blame them either, but i am sure no one would object to you taking personal pictures for your own consumption. they wont be for publishing here though. but perhaps u might be able to take pictures of scenery with people so far away no individuals can stand out; or close ups of places with no people in it. that would give us a taste of what it is like without offending anyone.

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  1. September 15, this day that I read your message, is the birthday of one Granddaughter and myself. If today is your day of departure 🙂 it must be auspicious, one way or another 😀 لديك رحلة آمنة. Memiliki perjalanan yang aman.

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    • I am leaving the house tomorrow morning ( right now is 6.55 pm here) for quarrantine house and the next day is the schedule of leaving for Saudi Arabia. The prayers had been read by hundreds of people at our house and also utterly written from all of you here in the blog, we believe that God will shower us with blesses when the prayers delivered by 40 or more people.

      So we count that my trip has been started from today actually, just at the same time of your and your granddaughter’s birthday! It is auspicious.

      There are so many things become historical to mankind like what had happened today to our lives. I wish you and your granddaughter a very happy birthday and blessed with good health. 🙂

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  2. Have a safe journey and a pilgrimage full of prayers, blessing and peace. I don’t think I need to say anything more than this – You are going to Mecca for Hajj, which means Allah will be there to help you in every step of the way Insha Allah.


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