26 comments on “GONE, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN

  1. Oh, so hard. your gentle soul must be very, very sad. I can see you loved her. Grief is very difficult – it can take over. I hope you can see that in some ways it is temporary – there is a light, too, though it may be very dim right now. I hope your friends and family can help. And the flowers. They can help too.

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    • Thank you very much, Blue. Indeed, so hard to wipe out the sadness for the beginning – only the time can do it for me and my children.

      Reading your wise and nice words is also a part of what can help us.


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  3. Allow me to introduce to you my good friend and brother Doug Blair. He is the one who responded to you so eloquently. Doug meet Muhammad, Muhammad meet Doug.
    Doug is the main blogger here, I came for a visit by invitation and liked it so much I never left! LOL!
    Anthony Gomez


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