• Celebrating New Year’s Eve with the family at home is a perfect opportunity to enjoy, have fun together and to see in the new year with your loved ones. Today it become popular in my place, barbecue on the house yard and simply sitting down together and reminiscing over where the past year has taken you each individually and your family is some great way to spend one part of the night.

      For the countdown, people choose something that rings in the New Year with a bang and some family light up the fireworks. Every neighbor is having fun.


  1. Lovely fireworks and photos! The first one has such graceful, subtle colors – I think it’s appropriate for you – may you have a graceful, colorful new year, and may your family be well and surround you with support. I look forward to many interesting posts from you!

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    • Thank you very much for your lovely words, my dear friend. I hope you also have enjoyed both of Christmas day and New Year’s eve too. Unfortunately there were not so many fireworks this all over the place this time. Maybe it because people had to save the spending since there are so many costs coming along with, such as Christmas, New year, some Islamic celebrations and long school children’s vacation.


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