8 comments on “DI TEPIAN SEBUAH SUNGAI ( At a riverside )

    • Nature provides all. Washing cloths by hands on the rocks requires skillfulness and proper technique in order to get best result, for the villager it’s called a technology. Beside that is fun, they can chat to each other even gossiping. 😀


  1. What a beautiful flower that is – I’m sure you will figure what it is. I love the rocks on that river! And I bet the boys were screaming with delight, but I”m also grateful that I grew up with cleaner places to swim and bathe.


    • About the flower, I have a bit difficulty to figure it out since it’s not listed in my reference book of plants. when I was a child this river was so clean, especially during dry seasons. I used to swim in other parts of this river, further upstream and I still remember its beauty when the nature was not disturbed like what it looks today. The Population has been exploding for over 30 years and uncontrolled disturbance on the environment is very alarming.


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