10 comments on “Flowers Of The Week: HELICONIA PSITTACORUM

    • Absolutely. They do offer us their own beauties to be seen and they really decorate our lives as well. Trying not to disturb (even touch them) when taking a picture of a plant and its flowers is quite challenging, especialy when its surrounding background is not supporting. taking a closer look often much better than if it is pictured the whole part. Thank you for your compliment.


      • So true – backgrounds can be so very busy, and you have to be creative to find a way to compose your image, which you’re very good at! I just got back from the desert. There are lots of busy backgrounds when you look at the wild plants close-up, because many of them have tiny leaves to reduce evaporation. It was challenging, but very beautiful – all the little shapes and the incredibly subtle colors make their own tapestry.

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